JM@C Records


I’ve spent 20 years producing independent music for drama productions, independent distribution and for publishing purposes. My music is an eclectic mix of hip-hop, ambient, house, dance, electronica, heavy rock and gospel... depending on the track! My first album Journey is a mash-up of many styles, and can be purchased from Bandcamp (coming soon). You can see details below!

JM@C - JOURNEY (2020)

Journey is the first distributed album by JM@C and consists of block-rockin’ beats, experimental sounds and unique sonic landscapes.

(1) Genesis (2) What U Waitin’ For? (3) The Centre (Martyrs) (4) You’re Amazing (5) Love Revolution (6) One (7) You Can’t (8) Groove (9) Around the World (10) Peace (11) Out in Space (12) Life is a Marathon (13) Machines (14) Never Ending Light (15) Awesome Love (16) Heaven

JM@C - ORBITAL (2015)

JM@C - INSTRUMENTALS 2000 to 2015

Man in Orbit is a non-downloadable EP that samples the original ‘Man in Orbit’ moon recordings. My original “Man in Orbit” track was made in 2000, but I remixed it fifteen years later with added strings. An EP with a sci-fi flavour! The original recording of the moon landing is still under copyright, so this EP was never released. In a few years, that may change!

(1) Man in Orbit - Remix (2) Meteors (3) Quasar (4) Man in Orbit Remix - Reprise

Instrumentals 2000 - 2015 is a broad collection of diverse music tracks created over a fifteen year period. Several of the tracks are available here as “free to play”. To download this album for free from Bandcamp, simply click this link ( ). Optional purchase is gratefully accepted and will help to run this website.

(1) Church (2) Tasmania (3) Peace in the Rain (4) Tunnel of Light (5) Waterfall (6) Rock it Out (7) Final Victory (8) Techknow (9) Loving On (10) Yours (11) Time of Your Life (12) Rest