Jett and Mace graphic novels


Ep 1 - Knight Lights

Jett & Mace: Episode 1 - Knight Lights’ is now available!

You can find it on these sites:

OUTLETS: (AU - Kindle and hard copy) (US - Kindle)

CreateSpace store (hard copy)

Also, Amazon UK and other countries also stock Jett and Mace books!

Ep 2 - The Queen Bees

Coming soon!

Ep 3 - King Emrawld’s Crown

Coming soon!

Jett & Mace is the biggest comic series I’ve ever written, and is packed with humour, adventure and a Christian edge! There’s plenty of humour, adventure and life lessons to be learned. Plus, the first episode is OUT NOW!

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Jonathan ‘JMAC’ McQueen :)